HTTP Foundation (Dissemination of Network Knowledge Foundation) is a non-profit organization that has set its goal in the broadest possible dissemination of marketable IT skills. In today's economic and labour market conditions, it is very important for talented and working-minded young people to have access to all professional knowledge and qualifications required to find their appropriate workplace. IT industry and especially networking is an area where there is a lack of well-trained professionals, not only in Europe or worldwide, but also in Hungary. We believe that each element in the triple relationship of student-teacher-curriculum being in place is a prerequisite for marketable IT training. We are working to strengthen this triple unit in Hungarian IT training institutions as much as possible.

  • We support the introduction and promotion of world-class teaching materials in Hungary that are also acknowledged by the industry.
  • We prepare teachers for a high standard of education in teacher trainings, and instructor courses, but we also help the institutions in providing the training conditions.
  • We try to show positive examples by organizing professional competitions, talent care, and supporting employment of students.

HTTP Foundation started its work in 2005 and has been in contact with a wide range of age and social groups, both within our borders and in surrounding Hungarian-inhabited areas. We have partners like Cisco Networking Academy - which has thousands of students -, or Microsoft IT Academy. HTTP Foundation is the Hungarian Academy Support Center and the Instructor Training Center of Cisco Network Academy programme. Over the last few years - as a private recruitment activity - we have helped more than one hundred unemployed and career starters to find a job. Talent care is our high priority, one of the most important related activities is organizing professional competitions and events.

The Foundation is an accredited adult training institution, regularly provides training courses in its well-equipped training room, which is open for anyone, who feels like and has the power to acquire network knowledge and want to improve their chances in the labour market.